Move Medical - A Specialized Healthcare Company. Our business model is based on accomplishment of providing healthcare requirements at government and private healthcare facilities in the Middle East region. It has extensive, up-to-date market information & data on major Healthcare facilities in the region. We also serve to the needs of Government hospitals through direct purchases and tenders released by Ministry of health and Executive board of Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC).

Move Medical represents well known international manufacturers for Middle East. It is one of the fastest growing companies. We are specialized in Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, Orthopaedic, Plastic Surgery marketing, distributing, New Innovative products and implants. Our unique competitive advantage lies in the combination of exceptional products, supported by a passionate and committed team of professionals.

Our Engineering department is well equipped with the most sophisticated facilities to solve technical problems occurred during the service, and pre-Installations done at our workshops for training new engineers and demo purposes. Routine visits done at end user facilities for regular maintenance and training the Medical personnel as well as obtain the performance feedback.


Move Medical

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